Simplified Drawing for Planning Animation

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File size : 6 Mb
Page : 80 pg
Link : mediafire

If you are an animator or are studying animation, this book is invaluable. Wayne Gilbert has decades of animation experience behind his observations, and I couldn't recommend it more highly.

For me, as an animator, it's a no-brainer to have this on my shelf with me at work. It covers far more than "just thumbnails," and does a great job of simplifying complex concepts such as force and you'll really get a great feel for what happens in the body when it's lifting something heavy or
hanging or fighting.

I can't tell you how many professional animators I know who swear by this book.

It's short, but awesome. [...]

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Anonymous said...

pas nyha apa nih bro

Kaeda Shou said...

paswordnya ya??? scan ajah tuh QR code, tapi kalo ga punya scaner cari aja di rarnya waktu uda diku, la voila, paswordnya ada di panel sisi kanan .... oke ???

Anonymous said...

What is a password?Thanks.

Kaeda Shou said...

Well, enter mugmug for the password....thankyou for downloading,

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