Photographing Childhood: The Image and the Memory

Photographing Childhood: The Image and the Memory
Publisher: Focal Press; 1 edition (October 5, 2011)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0240818180
Format: PDF
Pages: 192 
Size: 73,4 MB

Children are one of the most intriguing yet difficult subjects to photograph. Whether you are a proud parent who wants to capture the fleeting moments of childhood or a professional photographer working with paying clients, Photographing Childhood: The Image and the Memory will give you the know-how and the inspiration that you are looking for to create the perfect image.


10. Develop a standard nomenclature for every import of digital image files (an organized and predictable file structure in which to store your images). (Chapter 7)

9. Properly archive and store your work using a cataloging program (like Adobe Lightroom). A program like Lightroom makes keywording and metadata entries easy. Metadata is today's way of writing on the back of a photograph, but even better! We should all take advantage of this powerful tool. (Chapter 7)

8. Make a backup of your digital files--this includes making prints and sharing your favorite photographs! (Chapter 7)

7. Understand how your camera "sees" and records light (exposure), and the creative controls within the aperture, shutter speed and ISO settings. (Chapter 3)


6. Don't hesitate; move around and photograph what moves you, when it moves you. Authenticity is very difficult to recreate. (Chapter 1)

5. Learn to "see" and feel the emotion invoked by different directions and qualities of light. (Chapter 3)

4. Identify the "mood" of an image and reinforce it with the composition of the shot. (Chapter 3 & 6)

3. Inform your work by looking at images you admire (both historical and contemporary), whether made with the photographic process or other artistic media. (Chapters 2 & 6)

2. Be a pleasant person to work with. Photographing living subjects requires collaboration, ALWAYS! (Chapter 4 & 6)

1. Identify and understand your objective. This provides a platform for quick decision-making and a structure that allows your intent and style to live in your photographs. (Chapter 1)

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